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“I love the art and challenge of hairdressing … I love the instant gratification of my work.”

Advanced Training:

Vidal Sassoon – London, Los Angeles & Toronto

Bumble & Bumble – NYC

About Hair: 

Each texture and length and face shape brings its own challenges and rewards.

More About Paul:

I have two girls, 23 years old and 25. I also have a daughter in Prince Rupert who has two children, and a son in England who has five, yes five children, one of his sons is in professional football playing for Nottingham Forest, a first division team.


“No matter what skill level we are at as hairdressers, we can always learn something new from each other.”

Advanced Training:

  • Basic Cutting Course Vidal Sassoon in LA
  • Advanced Cutting and Coloring course Vidal Sassoon in LA
  • Creative Cutting Course Vidal Sassoon in Toronto
  • Color Workshop Bumble & Bumble in NY

More About Amy:

If I wasn’t doing hair I would probably be doing horror movie makeup.


“There are few jobs that give you the ability to brighten ones day, making them feel better leaving than when they walked in, ready to take on the day/night.”

Advanced Training:

  • Bumble & Bumble immersion 1 & 2 – NYC

About Hair:

I have always had a love of hair. From the days when I was young I would cut my barbies hair wishing it would grow back so I could do it again. Haha.  The opportunity came to me at the age of 23 to take an apprenticeship with Fringe and its here I have taken roots as salon manager.


I have two wonderful boys that are 8 and a half years apart. They soak up all my personal time and keep me young.

Fringe Hair Kelowna: Daisy


“There is nothing that makes me feel more satisfied than that look on a client’s face when you finish making their old grown out hair gorgeous and new!”

Advanced Training:

  • Vidal Sassoon Training – Vancouver
  • Numerous classes – Vancouver & Okanagan
  • Bumble & Bumble University – NYC

On what drew Daisy to hairdressing?

I was drawn to the fact that hair dressing really is all encompassing of what I love to do. I love being creative and working with my hands. The chemistry and biology of the trade satisfies the high school nerd inside of me too.

Fringe Hair Kelowna: Kayla


“I was always that friend who was doing everyone’s hair … I always enjoyed it.”

Advanced Training:

  • Vidal Sassoon – Santa Monica


Everything, I love the diversity, there isn’t anything I don’t love about it! Sorry hair, long hair, curly hair, I just really enjoy the whole process from visualizing what I would like to see in the end results, to the satisfying feeling you get when you accomplish exactly what you’ve set out to do.


“My favorite thing about hair is getting to come to work everyday and hang out with my clients, all while making them feel beautiful!!”

Advanced Training:

  • Vidal Sassoon’s ABC cut training in LA
  • Redken Barbering Course 2015

What drew Lauren to hairdressing?

The creative hands on aspect this job offers. My two favourite things to do are color and up-dos because the possibilities are endless and there are always people asking for new and creative things!


Where are you from?

Staffordshire, England

Advanced Training?

  • HOB Salons *Salon Creative 2 Day Course
  • Francesco Group Advanced Academy Finishing School (12wk)
  • Francesco Group Gents Cutting and Hair Up Courses

What do you love about hair?

“Meeting new people and gaining loyal clients that become more like friends.”

“Everyday is different.”

“Being able to make someone feel better about themselves by changing their hair/making it easier to manage.”


3 Cats. Nibble, Magwai and Jack

If you weren’t doing hair, where would you be?

“I’m also a qualified Beauty Therapist so probably working in that area.”

A little about me: 

  • Been married for 2 years
  • Love snowboarding, reading and live music
  • Vegan!


Where are you from?

Lower Mainland

Advanced Training?

Vancouver Hair Academy

What drew you to hair?

“The fact that you can never stop learning with it. And that it’s creative.”


Yorkie/Shitzhu X – named Tucker

If you weren’t doing hair, where would you be?

“Probably working with special needs children.”



MC College Graduate


What drew you to hair?

“I love the transformation that takes place in the chair. With a new cut and colour you feel ready to take on the world!”


If you weren’t doing hair, where would you be?

“I bet I’d be working as a nanny or in early childhood education.”

A little about me: 

“I love to travel and experience new cultures and garner inspiration from hair trends in Europe and South America. I am also the youngest of 8 children, and an auntie to 20 nieces and nephews.”


“My favourite thing about hair  is the amazing transformation it can undertake. You can have the opportunity to become someone different in just an hour or two. In a way your hair embodies a lot of your own spirit – and you can have the choice to project to others who you want to be, or who you’ve become.”

Advanced Training

Apprenticing at Fringe:Hair since January 2016

What drew you to hair?

“I was drawn to the hair industry when I saw the incredible work dynamic at fringe. It’s so fun to be able to really enjoy your job, and the people who work around you. I’m so thankful to be a part of this incredible work family.”


“Yes! I’ve got three kiddos. They’re crazy and messy and smart and silly and more perfect than I could have hoped for. (Except for on the days when they aren’t ;))”

If you weren’t doing hair, where would you be?

“If I wasn’t  involved with hair, I’d like to think I’d be a traveller of the world and discoverer of lost fortunes… But honestly, I would probably be doing a load of laundry or dishes at home!!”

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