So you wanna be a blonde..

Whether it is to find out if we truly have more fun or if you are just wanting a spruce up for the summertime, you want to go blonde! So, what does it actually take to achieve? What is the maintenance like, what products do I need, and is my hair going to fry off? These are all questions you should know before taking the plunge to platinum.

First off blonde is a spectrum, not just one color. From a darker carmel, to a medium golden or a platinum ash blonde, blonde is a color that can be suited to almost anyone. However, it does not always come easy. Blonde always looks best on hair that is healthy and happy. You want to avoid lifting your hair from dark brown to platinum all in one go, because this is definitely going to cause some damage. Expect that it may take a few rounds of highlighting or balayaging your hair before you reach the desired level of lightness. This is done to help preserve the integrity of your hair.

Blonde is considered a higher maintenance color. This is because, when you lighten hair, you open up the pores of the hair shaft and rough up the cuticle. Now that these pores are open, they are going to absorb things from the environment (smoke, minerals in hard water, tinted hair products) so you can expect to be seeing your stylist regularly to have the tint from these factors toned back out of the hair. Also, with a rougher cuticle means more care for your hair. Your best friend for blonde hair are the following:

  1. A Heat Protector – We recommend Davines – Melu Hair Shield
  2. A Deep Treatment Hair Mask – Bumble and Bumble – While You Sleep Damage Repair Mask
  3. A UV Protectant – Bumble and Bumble – Hair Dressers Invisible Oil Primer
  4. A Purple Shampoo or Conditioner – Davines – Alchemic Silver Shampoo and Conditioner

The last level of blonde is the notorious Silver. While a beautiful and trendy hair color right now, it is not often shared how much maintenance this color truly takes. Expect to have your hair lightened at least 2-3 times even if you are starting from a natural light brown. The silver color actually comes from a toner applied over the blonde hair and it is not permanent. While you can maintain this color to an extent with purple shampoo/conditioner, expect to be visiting your stylist every few weeks to have the grey color applied again.

If you do desire a low maintenance blonde, your best bet is the balayage. Stick to 1-3 shades lighter than your natural haircolor and you will find your need for toning the hair isn’t very high, you can usually just maintain between services with a purple shampoo/conditioner. The balayage technique eliminates harsh root lines coming in and gives you the opportunity to grow your blonde out longer in between color appointments.

When in doubt, ask your stylist! Have them recommend a plan for you and a product regime that will get you the best Blonde possible!