I Just Want Mermaid Hair!

“How can I grow my hair longer?”

Around the salon, this is one of the most common questions we get!

Believe it or not there are a lot of little factors that contribute to your hair growth (not just genetics) that you can add into your daily routine for longer, stronger hair!

  1. First things first… ditch that drugstore conditioner (shampoo too but especially conditioner)!! The waxes that are found in drugstore conditioner build up on your hair strands and eventually get so heavy that they cause it to break! Not only causing weaker ends but also tons of annoying little fly-aways.
  2. Make sure you are getting regular trims. We hear so often about hair that has just stopped growing, or won’t grow past a certain point. If you’re still coloring your roots, your hair is growing! It just isn’t getting longer because the ends are too fragile, split and breaking off. We’re not talking about lopping 3 inches off, but even half an inch ever 6-8 weeks can really help to keep your ends strong and grow better!
  3. Remember that whatever keeps your blood healthy keeps your skin, hair and nails healthy! Vitamins like B6*, B12*, folate* and Iron* are all essential in your blood health and in turn keep your hair healthy!
  4. If your scalp isn’t healthy then your hair also wont be growing very quickly from your roots.  Use of a good stimulating or clarifying shampoo, once in a while, will help to reset your scalp and keep it working at it’s best! Ask your stylist which one they recommend is best for you!
  5. Lastly, there are supplements you can take that are specifically to help hair grow faster (fair warning though, this makes ALL your hair grow faster, ladies!). Biotin* and Silica* are both popular supplements to take, you can pick these up anywhere vitamins are sold. Also, a couple of our stylist have had good luck with It Works brand supplement “Hair, Skin and Nails”*, which is only available through and It Works Rep.

In the end we are always here to guide you and help you reach your hair goals! Ask your stylist to make a plan with you that best suits your individual needs, and stick to it as much as possible!


Written by Fringe:Hair Social Media Leader Lauren M.

*Always be sure to consult a health care professional before taking any supplements.