The Color Purple and what it means for Blondes

Everybody hates it… that yellow-ish tinge to your blonde hair that we work so hard to avoid: Brassyness. We in the Okanagan have a little streak of bad luck with our water. unfortunately we have fairly hard water here. The minerals in hard water build up on our hair and give it that yellow tint.

So.. what do we do about it? Not everyone has time to come in and get a fresh toner in between hair appointments, hence the amazing creation: Purple shampoo and conditioner!

So how does it work?? Well yellow’s (brass) complimentary color is purple and so when you wash and condition your hair with purple shampoo and conditioner, it works by neutralizing those unwanted tones! VOILA! Beautiful blonde hair for weeks on end!

Davines makes an incredible product: Alchemic shampoo and conditioner in “Silver”! All of us blonde girls at Fringe live off of this conditioner especially as it is stronger than the shampoo!

If you are a blonde in the okanagan you need to come see us and get hooked up! You will never look back!


Lauren M

Fringe:Hair Social Media Manager