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Drugstore vs. Professional, what is the real difference?

Have you ever wondered how much of a difference buying professional versus drug store shampoo and conditioner really makes? I mean $40 for a bottle of Bumble and Bumble, when you could be paying $12 for the same size of your Wal Mart favorite? SO when it comes down to it, what really makes the difference? The first thing is that your skin and hair’s PH naturally sits at a 4.5-5.5. Professional shampoos and conditioners are regulated between a PH of 5-7 which is considered neutral and will not have any drying or harsh effects on your scalp and hair. Drug store shampoos
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Bb Repair Blow Dry

  Today we are going to look at Bumble and Bumble Repair Blow Dry. Are you tired of all those products claiming they will help the health of your hair but leave your hair feeling limp and lacking its original luster? Look no further! Bumble and Bumble have created a product that is meant to repair dull, damaged hair as you blow dry! For those chemically addicted clients and let’s face it, most of us at fringe:hair, this is a go to product for sure. If you have tried Repair Blow Dry please send us your thoughts/reviews to And
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